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What Can I Ask About?

You are probably wondering what types of questions you can ask the guides, the answer is anything. That stated, it is suggested that you ask questions about matters that you value. The Divinity Council of Three and the Master Guides who come together as the Gathering, are assistants in our process of ascension and reclaiming wholeness. What this means is that the information that they share is to aid in our growth, remembering, and claiming of ourselves as the Light beings that we are.  They address our personal areas of development and life experiences in the Earth plane, daily life, thought and emotion, our so-called baggage and hang-ups, blocks, and self-imposed limitations, and show us where these derive from within our being. They explain the formation of these and the reasons why the experiences occur so that we can gain an understanding of what we are in the process of learning. They then walk us through the manners to embrace acceptance and provide us the tools to apply so we can move through the challenges, heal on multi-levels, let go, and transform ourselves. Their ultimate goal is to aid us in living as our innate Light brilliance so that we create a positive impact by increasing our awareness, vibration, and frequencies which then raise these in all existing in the Earth plane and beyond.

For more information see Reading the Messages.

The Length of A Session

A session can be conducted on your own, with an additional attendee, or with a group. Most sessions follow the basic session format. It is important to note that Anayaya and the guides desire you to receive the information most pertinent to you at the time. This means that a session will not end until the guides have shared the energy and information with you that they deem necessary. A session with the guides is a conversation and the length of time that is listed for the various sessions is an example to help you gauge and plan. When deciding on when to schedule your session, it is advised to allow yourself greater time than noted for the length of the session. This includes allowing additional time following your conversation with the guides in which you can explore and process the session information with Anayaya. It is highly recommended that you also allot additional time immediately following the complete experience in order to record your personal insights after your time with Anayaya has ended. 

Subject Ideas for Sessions:

  • Relationships

  • Goal Setting & Achievement

  • Employment

  • Financial Prosperity

  • Positive Manifestation

  • Health & Well-Being

  • Creative Pursuits

  • Personalized Affirmation & Prayer

  • Personalized Meditation

  • Rewriting Your Life

  • Life Lessons

  • Acceptance

  • Spiritual Development

  • Igniting Inspiration 

  • Harnessing & Expanding Creativity

For an example of the guide's responses in personal sessions, listen to the YouTube recording of 'Viewers Questions: How to Embrace Your Fear & Move Forward / Open Yourself to Positive Manifestations', and read the transcribed exerpts  Relationships: A Personal Session and A Message On Love


Send your inquiry by email and Anayaya will contact you to schedule a time to speak together by phone and decide whether a session with the guides is right for you.


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