Reading the Messages

The Divinity and The Gathering speak in a fluid manner, a river of intertwined energy and groups of concepts. As the channel, I experience a download of information that the guides display to me as detailed concepts. Because of the broadness of information that is displayed by the guides, it cannot be fully conveyed through words. Instead, they encapsulate the concepts into specific words and in the way they string their words together. Because of this, their sentences are not always structured in the manner we are most familiar.

The Divinity state that when a certain word or group of words in the messages are read, listened to, or spoken with intention, the information contained within them opens. This is comparable to reading a website that has a hyperlink embedded in it.  If you click your computer mouse on the word that contains the hyperlink another page will open that holds detailed information about the topic of the word that you had clicked on. 

Instead of using a computer mouse or cursor to click and open the concepts embedded in the words of the messages, we use our intention. The concepts contained within the messages are then integrated into our mind, energy, and various aspects of our bodies. Some of the information is released into our awareness at the time, whereas other information works behind the scenes by producing effects necessary for the expansion of our understanding, growth, and healing.

You may gain more from the Divinity and the Gathering’s messages if you approach them after intentionally relaxing and expanding yourself, such as through meditation, prayer, time in nature, or by other methods that personally aid you in consciously opening to receive the energy and concepts. To take in the concepts that Divinity and the Gathering’s words convey sometimes requires us to read slowly, pause, reread, and ponder the meaning of individual words and groups of words that they have placed together. The Divinity speaks on this in detail in the section, Obtaining Understanding of Our Messages.

I have personally experienced that reading the messages out loud produces an effect that differs from silently reading the sessions. I have found that this allows me to take in the broader concept of the words and enables me to feel the effect of the words in my body.

Regardless of the manner we use to take in the messages, the guides encourage us to engage with an open heart and child-like mind that is receptive to being inspired.


Many blessings,

Heather Anayaya

For an example of the guide's responses in personal sessions, listen to the YouTube recording of 'Viewers Questions: How to Embrace Your Fear & Move Forward / Open Yourself to Positive Manifestations', and read the transcribed exerpts  Relationships: A Personal Session and A Message On Love.