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About the Sessions

A session is what people often refer to as a reading. Explore the following sections to learn what a session with the guides consists of and the type of information that you may receive.

"Our work is to increase the vibration, the frequency, and harmonics within all living in the Earth plane and rippling off to surround. All of our messages, all of our purpose speaking through you and assisting others is in healing. To come to a place of self-honesty, self-truth, revelation, acceptance, knowledge, transformation, and expansion. So the main point is this, to increase the vibration all is existing in and as. Through doing this in the raised frequency and harmonics, it changes the platform all exists on. Attuning, providing the steps, the tools, and the gateway to healing the inner-self and the self on every level of being with each individual seeking, who comes to speak with us and with you."

~ The Gathering to Anayaya

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Types of Sessions

To obtain the greatest benefit from your sessions,
please read 
How the Guides Communicate
and Understanding Our Messages


Submit your question for the guides to heatheranayaya@gmail.com

Sessions will be responded to in a video on our Youtube Channel. You will be referred to by your first name.


Session for Two


Group Session


Up to 10 people.

Additional Groups & Information

For an example of the guide's responses in personal sessions, listen to the YouTube recording of 'Viewers Questions: How to Embrace Your Fear & Move Forward / Open Yourself to Positive Manifestations', and read the transcribed excerpts  Relationships: A Personal Session and A Message On Love

Session for One


Session Basics

The length of each session is determined by many factors. These include:

  • The length of the opening and closing sections

  • The amount of information that the guides share

  • The length of the question and answer sections

  • Whether a guided meditation is conducted

  • The length of your session review with Anayaya following your conversation with the guides. 

Because of this, the time frame for each type of session is provided as an estimate. It is suggested to plan additional time in case your session runs long, and to include time following the session to record your thoughts and experiences while they are fresh.

Preparing For Your Session:
It is advised to begin preparation several days in advance of your session. You are encouraged to be mindful of what you consume and to get adequate rest. These practices will assist you in being clear at the time of the session. You are encouraged to write topics and questions that you would like to discuss with the guides, prioritizing the ones of greatest importance to you. During the session, it is important that you are in a location where you are comfortable and will not be interrupted or disturbed.

The Session
Your session will begin with a period of alignment and attunement. During this time the guides prepare the space for the session by raising the frequencies of the space that you are in, working on your energy, and aligning you, Anayaya, and them. Each alignment is unique and can take between  three to fifteen minutes to complete, although the usual length is 2 - 5 minutes. A meditation, led by the guides, may occur during this time.
Either the Gathering or the Divinity will begin the verbal session once the alignment is complete. Each of these can add a length of time to your session. Because of this, the time frames for each type of session are provided as an estimate.

The verbal session usually begins with the guides greeting you and sharing the information with you that they deem as most significant. Occasionally they will begin by asking you to state your first question. They will often ask whether you have additional questions about the information that they have shared with you, striving to lend as clear an understanding as possible. Following the message that they share with you, and when done responding to your question, the guides will inquire about your next area of question. A typical session allows between three to six personal questions.  

The Information:
The session will be recorded and it may take up to three days for you to be emailed a link to download an audio copy and a transcript of the session. The information from the guides, primarily from the Divinity, resonates on different layers. Throughout your session, the information is shared as energy and is integrated on multiple levels. Greater understanding is released as you apply reflection and explore the information from your session.  For greater preparation and to gain the most benefit from your session, please read Reading the Messages and Understanding Our Messages.


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