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The Love's Light Group is recorded each Thursday evening and uploaded to our YouTube channel: Anayaya Reclaiming Wholeness by Saturday.

The guided practice of intention, and accompanying channeled messages, are for actively increasing and harmonizing consciousness of the personal self, community, country, planet, and off planet in alignment as Divine Love. The guided practices of intention are channeled from The Gathering and the Divinity Council of Three.

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About the Love's Light Group


The Love's Light Group began in 1997 as a bi-weekly gathering focused on personal and universal transformation. Led by the Divinity Council of Three, the group was guided in practices of awareness and meditation to create individual, group, community, planetary, and universal alignment with Source by increasing awareness and energy frequencies. The group ended in 2005 when Heather ceased public channeling. 


With Heather Anayaya's 2021 return to public channeling, the Gathering and Divinity Council of Three have encouraged the groups' resurrection. The guides speak of the importance of gathering on the level of consciousness to connect and harmonize with and as Divine Love. They go on to say that through the practice of individually connecting with Source and then expanding to recognize and experience the self as Source in all others, the planet, and multidimensionally, a shift in the overall consciousness and the frequencies they manifest as will occur. 

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"Whether one vibrates as high light vibration, a middle vibration, or low vibration, within each there is the pure Love vibrating, which is the vibration of creation. "

~ Divinity


The Love's Light Group awareness activity ranges from 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Each group is unique and the guides direct the experience. At times they only guide us in meditation and at other times they mingle the awareness activity with additional information. 

The group will begin with a period of alignment and attunement. During this time the guides prepare by raising the frequency of the space that we are in. They work at raising our energy and aligning each of us individually and as a group, with them. Each alignment is unique and it can take between five minutes to 1/2 hour to complete, although the usual length is 5 - 15 minutes. 

Either the Gathering or the Divinity will begin speaking once the alignment is complete. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • If able, be in a location without distraction or interruption

  • Walk, sit, or lay down in a comfortable position

  • Give yourself permission to relax, play, imagine, and have fun

  • Intentionally let go of expectations. There is no right or wrong way to experience and each time you may experience it differently



Why We Gather

The Gathering Explain Why They Conduct The Practices Of Intention

August 11, 2022







“We'll begin this evening with greetings and recognition, thanking you for joining. We are The Gathering, that of Masters ascended and out of form. We prepare the way this night, this day for some, to raise and increase your vibrations, to expand your essence, assisting and allowing you as you practice, as you attune and align. For the greater purpose is that of aligning yourself with your fullness instead of the captivity of the cage in which you've held yourself within. For so often in Earth living, in thinking and feeling, there is the taking on of the ways of life in which we believe should be, the pathway chosen, the manner of behavior, of speech, and later through life, through living, become trapped in this belief. There are many around the world at this time who do not recognize a different way or the freedom that is waiting.


There is much occurring in your world, as well as off of it, that requires your focus and intent to expand your essence, your awareness, to assist your fellow beings. And so we call this meeting, this gathering of awareness, of intention, not merely today nor every week but daily in your lives in your own mind's thinking and your behaviors. We call you to look at what it is you align with. The words you speak, the thoughts you are thinking, the activities you busy yourself with. Is it serving your higher good, your purpose? Is it benefiting the whole, the All? And this is not to come from a place within the self of right or wrong or judgment, but of feeling the essence. What rings true for you? What lifts you up and assists others equally? This is the calling. This is the objective.


This evening as we get started, we shall lead you through the practice of grounding with the Earth and we ask and suggest that as you think of it, as you are moved throughout your days throughout the week, throughout your evenings and nights, to remember the practice, to make it your own. To claim it and share it, to walk on the Earth with purpose and awareness as the being of Divine Light and empowerment in which you are, a part of the whole. When in this state, which is but a beginning step of the awareness of your Oneness, your connection, your sharing of the awareness with the Earth and all in it, this beginning step allows you to be consciously aware while also expanded outward. To be consciously aware in and as self. To be consciously aware throughout the world and out off of the planet. As you practice this you will find it comes with great ease and it will change each time for there are different things you will learn, different healing to occur. But always your energy will align, will expand ever easier. And it brings about the experience in the physical world of greater ease, greater alignment. You begin, you shall notice outer effects in your life. For as you practice the breath, the awareness, the release and let go of stress and worry and tension, as you become aware and hold that awareness of the light that is around you, it goes unseen to physical eyes simply because it is different vibration but it is there all the same, and as you align, as you attune, as you expand through practice and repetition you begin to not only sense and feel these energies but to see and work with them consciously. And as you do, greater change can occur in the most positive way not merely for yourself or your loved ones but for your family of Earth beings and beyond. 


If you find at night you can't sleep, practice. Breathing, practice your awareness, practice connection with the Earth. Experience with the colors that come to you to breathe and move through. Remembering to ground. Remembering to bring in the highest, finest Divine Light and Love vibrations, expanding yourself, and through your daily life, listening, feeling the pull of essence. Remembering to practice your breath, your letting go, your intention. And within this, we say, that as you walk, as you go to school, to work, as you go to the store, as you move down the street, as you sit in your home with your friends and family, with your animal companions, become aware of being grounded with Earth heart-center and being connected with Divine Love, highest Light, and the flow between moving through you. Your heart open, your mind aware. Your voice speaking your truth with love and dignity. And allow yourself to spread, to see, to play, with this essence, this awareness, these lights, just as this evening you played with them flowing through you. Different colors, the iridescent, see those moving through you. Moving into the space around, assisting others, sending as love, filling the rooms, filling your town, your community. Holding your intention and thought on that of the high, high, highest accord with what is in blessing for all. For all is Oneness, connected. A reflection and aspect of the self, and what harms one harms all, and allow yourself to be the flowing channel, the vessel of awareness of Consciousness, intention in mindful motion. That as you speak, as you flow, as you move, as you think, so you raise all to vibration as Divine Love, equity.


The more that gather, that hold this in thought, in mindful action, the more that hold intent to create this reality rather than giving that power to what they say they do not seek, the more that funnel, that fill, that raise vibration and frequency to a higher note that benefits all, so the events in the world begin shifting. And we know there are those who think you do not matter; you are but one small being with no impact. We say that is not true. For it is droplets of water, molecules come together, many upon many that fill the oceans, fall from clouds and fill lakes and rivers. You are an aspect. You are one and the whole. You are significant and brilliant. You are bravest and bold.


Allow yourself to shine, claim, to experience, and to know the truth of who you are. It is time to rise up in ownership, the ascension of truth within yourself, dear one. Listen to your call. Listen to the pull of the energy as it rises. It lifts you up. And turn your attention as just stated, from that which is to pull you down into what is wrong, not good in the world, instead to focus upon the healing of the planet, upon the kindness of human heart in nature, and of spreading this through the essence in thought and voice, and action, by living the truth of who and what you are as Love. We say shalom, peace be.”