Private Session: Additional Attendee

A private session for two people

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 325 US dollars
  • Lincoln

Service Description

The length of each session is determined by the amount of information that the guides choose to share, the length of the question and answer sections, and whether a guided meditation and alignment is conducted. Because of this, the 1 1/2 time frame is provided as an estimate. It is suggested to plan for additional time incase the session runs long and to include time following the session to record your thoughts and experiences. Preparing For Your Session: It is advised to begin preparation several days in advance of your session. You are encouraged to be mindful of what you consume and to get adequate rest. These will assist you in being clear at the time of the session. You are encouraged to write out topics and questions that you would like to discuss with the guides, prioritizing the ones of greatest importance to you. During the session it is important that you are in a location where you are comfortable and will not be interrupted or disturbed. The Session Your session will begin with a period of alignment and attunement. During this time the guides prepare the space for the session by raising frequencies, working on your energy, and aligning you and Anayaya with them. Each alignment is unique and it can take anywhere between five minutes to 1/2 hour to complete, although 5-15 minutes is most common. A meditation led by the guides may occur during this time. Either the Gathering or the Divinity will begin the verbal session once the alignment is complete. The verbal session often begins by the guides greeting you and sharing the information with you that they deem as most vital. Occasionally they will begin by asking you to state your first question. Following the message that they share with you, or when done responding to your question, the guides will inquire on your next area of question. They will often ask whether you have additional questions about the information that they have just shared with you, striving to lend as clear an understanding as possible. The Information: The session will be recorded and you will be sent a copy of it to download. The information from the guides, primarily from the Divinity, resonates in us on different layers. Some of the information will be understood in the moment and other will with your later reflection. Throughout your session information is shared on multiple levels as energy and greater understanding is released as you apply reflection and explore the information from your session.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is accepted up to 72 hours following booking your session. The session fee is non-refundable after that time. Email to cancel your appointment.

Contact Details

  • Lincoln, Nebraska, USA